PRESS RELEASE: Connect Partners With Texas Rangers for 16th Season

IRVING, TX – Connect has renewed its partnership with the Texas Rangers for the 16th season in a row. The company’s CEO, Rachel O’Hara, asserted that her team is looking forward to another year of this fruitful relationship.

The Connect team is excited to be continuing its relationship with the Texas Rangers. This is a significant project for the company. It continues to elevate the firm’s reputation within the community. It has also generated openings to welcome new associates to the team.

“This relationship has been great for all parties,” Rachel said. “The Texas Rangers have been working with us for 16 years, and I have been personally involved for 10 of those. Doing their campaign has been a staple in our work for much of our company’s history. We have opened many career and business growth opportunities thanks to this partnership.”

Many of the Contact DFW’s associates are fans of the Rangers and are hoping for a great season for the team. “We are so inspired by the Rangers,” one team member said. “Whenever they win, we get an extra boost of energy to push for our goals. They’ve been partnered with our company for so long that we feel extremely connected. I am excited to see what this season holds for both our teams.”

Rachel indicated that she hopes to continue this alliance into the future. “This fruitful relationship will undoubtedly grow this season and those to come,” she said. “Having the opportunity to keep working with the Texas Rangers gives us motivation to keep crushing our goals.”

Connect‘s CEO Discussed Growing the Business

Rachel asserted that Connect is growing thanks to her team’s goal-oriented approach to business. They regularly set short-, medium-, and long-term objectives, and dedicate themselves to exceeding them.

“In the business world, you either push ahead or fall behind,” she stated. “I have no intention of being in the latter category. We are always looking to set our sights higher. With the foundation of great brands in our portfolio like the Rangers, we can aspire to amazing levels of growth.”

She added that clear and inspiring goals are the key to success. “We want our people to see the goals before them and immediately be excited to achieve them. So, we make audacious strategic objectives but break those down into manageable short-term tasks. This approach has kept our company as an innovative leader in our field.”

About Connect:

Connect is a results-driven provider of memorable and effective interactive marketing campaigns. By combining strategic planning with an unmatched talent for fast and efficient implementation, the firm provides consistent results for clients of all sizes. Connect utilizes a dynamic approach that makes an immediate impact and leads to long-term relationships between companies and customers. These mutually-beneficial bonds create lasting brand loyalty as well as sustained improvements in clients’ revenue streams. The company has built a reputation as an industry leader resulting in significant growth because of its team of highly-skilled branding specialists. Contact them today to learn more about how they help clients exceed even their most ambitious promotional goals. Check us out at