About Connect

All of our clients have different specifications for their marketing campaigns, but they share one commonality; they all want more customers. Sports teams have packed stadiums, hotels get fully booked when there are events in town, restaurants are busy during the weekends and travel companies see big sales during the summer rush. Every single one of our clients wants more consumer traffic to their locations and for their services.

Our Team’s Culture Is The Core
of What Drives Connect

Helping the Best Businesses
to Enjoy Double-Digit Growth

Connect represents some of America’s best-loved businesses. Over time, we have been seen as a complementary extension to the current marketing strategies of big companies. Using geo-targeting to focus on the areas that our clients want and need the most growth from, our live-event ambassadors and coordinators get to work.

We increase the profile of businesses within such communities, spreading the word about the service offerings of each of our clients. As a result, the companies who enlist our services enjoy a boost in trade. From major league sports teams to day spas, and salons to amusement parks, Connect aims to surpass the targets our clients set. Return on investment is a key focus of our managers and representatives. We convert the opportunities we deliver to the public into profitability and value for clients; to ensure we’re in a position to satisfy the demands of clients, we provide management training and advancement opportunities to develop our team’s expertise.

Attracting Consumers
with Powerful Marketing Tools

If there was ever a better way to turn heads and attract trade, it is through offering incredible promotions to selected audiences. Connect helps consumers, volunteers, and employees enjoy exclusive packages from our premier client list, which drives the desired foot traffic into the clients’ businesses. What’s more, our encouragement and openness when endorsing other businesses often leads many shoppers to make purchasing decisions they don’t normally consider, boosting our clients’ new customer base, which is every client’s ultimate goal.

The people delivering such engaging customer experiences are Connect’s brand ambassadors, account managers, and event coordinators. They work hard to communicate effectively, and create a comfortable environment for the customer base. Should they have the honor of representing your brand, part of their job is to understand your business model inside out to answer questions with authority. They will also take personal interest in preserving your brand’s image while it is marketed to consumers.

Learn what our team has to say
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Develop a Career with Connect

Our career training initiatives help team members to prosper and succeed, by providing mentorship on what their role will be. We start from the very beginning, with the introductory skills that they need, and then progress onto more advanced responsibilities when they are comfortable. By the conclusion of the initial training period, team members receive professional and personal development, as well as have the opportunity to enjoy longevity in their careers with one company.