The Approach to Teamwork at Connect DFW

At Connect DFW, we know our success is proof of the power of teamwork. Our event-based promotional campaigns are born from the innovation and diverse experiences of our people. They collaborate in an inspiring office culture, where they are led by example and coached on an individual basis. Our comprehensive training guarantees that they yield big returns for brands and our firm alike.


Alvin is very ambitious and it is that skill that has made him a top team member at Connect DFW. He excels in listening and making connections that others might not find. He is very passionate about music, and he makes it a point to attend as many festivals and concerts as he can.

Ashlee Paulson

Ashlee went to college for fashion merchandising and thought she wanted to open a kids clothing store before getting a job with NTA. Her position with NTA was working as an insurance agent. She traveled all over the United States meeting with firefighters and police officers about supplemental plans. After six years at NTA, Ashlee realized that she wanted to grow and to push herself. She went into business development for free standing Emergency Rooms. There she was able to work closely with the marketing company which led her to want to pursue marketing on a larger scale. Ashlee is the oldest of six girls in her family and is also a single mother. She knew that she wanted to find an opportunity to become more of a leader and to become more independent while obtaining skills and a stronger knowledge base for the industry. February of 2017, she was lucky enjoy to interview with Connect DFW. Ashlee has learned more with this company than she has with any other job she has ever had. She can truly call this a career. Ashlee is so passionate about Connect DFW and the people she get to work alongside every day.

Ben Aldous

No one is more ambitious than Ben. He works to motivate and develop his team members and when he sees them growing personally and professionally it is his greatest reward. When it comes to outside the office, Ben is a huge sports and music fan and enjoys going to games, concerts, and festivals.

Colin Casey

Colin graduated from Collins College with a Bachelors in Digital Filmmaking in 2012. He quickly found a job as a videographer and editor for a photography company Jessen Associates. In a couple months he was promoted to head videographer and was given more responsibilities on coordination various projects for clients. The job taught him how to meet deadlines, coordinate live events, and work with others successfully. It wasn’t until May of 2016 when Colin transitioned into his first sales and marketing job at Servpro of South Garland. As the marketing representative for Servpro, he had to go business to business and sell the restoration services. With sales, he is able to utilize all of his skills from what he learned at his previous jobs. “To be a great sales representative you need to be a chameleon so you always appear relatable to your client.”

Eddie Maldonado

Eddie grew up in The Bronx, NY as a shy young kid. Most of his experience is in hospitality. His first serving job was at Applebees, where he worked for 2 years. This position helped him develop his outgoing personality. Over the years, Eddie has worked in numerous other restaurants such as Legends Club in the new Yankee Stadium and an afro Peruvian jazz club/restaurant. He has always enjoyed fast pace and high energy places where he would always be meeting new and interesting people. A year and a half ago, Eddie was craving a big change in his life. He had always been very fond of Texas so he decided to up and leave NY and moved down to Ft. Worth. Eddie couldn’t find a job that interested him for six months until he found Connect DFW. Over the last 11 months, Eddie has been a part of this great company where there is no lack of opportunity or growth potential, a fun and hardworking, team environment, which he has grown to fall in love with.

Erica Kennedy

Erica always knew she was meant to live in a big city, so after she graduated from Oklahoma State University with her business degree, she moved to Dallas with no job or plan. She knew she would find her place. Erica began retail management for Abercrombie & Fitch. Her management foundation was built there, she perfected all her standardization, time management, and training skills. She was recruited and transitioned into a management position with Michael Kors. This was her first experience in sales. Erica loved the ever-changing environment and the chance to be directly rewarded for her work ethic, but she wanted more. She interviewed with a pharmaceutical company and for the first time in her life, she didn’t get the position she was chasing after. She then applied to Connect DFW to regroup and perfect her craft of talking to people. She has learned and grown more in the short time she have been at Connect DFW more than with any company she has ever been a part of.

Grecia Magana

Grecia Magana previously worked for several park and recreation centers for the city of Dallas for the past two years as a summer leader and part-time creating community events and programs. She also worked as a night time server, juggling both jobs and going to school.

Kathy N.

Office Manager

University of Texas – Arlington, Bachelors of Science in Nursing Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure participant

“I wanted a new career that continued to challenge me and always had room for growth opportunity.”

Nichole Dickstein

Nichole Dickstein was previously employed at Buckle, where she spent five years as both a department and store manager in Colorado, northern California, and the DFW Texas area. She was responsible for everything from brand promotion and growth, recruiting and developing leaders, to networking, sales, and marketing. The greatest skill she gained was creating customer loyalty and generating invitational business.

Rachel O’ Hara

CEO & President at Connect DFW, Regional Consultant

University of Connecticut – Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Minor in Psychology University of North Texas – Masters degree in Education Education field work with various age groups Walk for Wishes participant Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure participant

“I attribute my ability to build a successful business career to my parents who, from a very early age, were committed to raising independent children, who worked hard, and had big dreams. After graduating from college, I moved to Texas on a whim to pursue my masters in education. I fell in love with the marketing industry at a cross roads in my career. I was looking for something different and challenging. I started in a management-training program in 2005 and I was able to attain an upper management position within a year and a half. Since then, I have opened up over 15 locations in multiple industries and cities. It’s truly exciting every time we open up a new city, because not only are we expanding our reach into new markets, but we are providing a chance for members of our hard working team to lead the charge in those cities. My number one priority is passing on management opportunities to our team and growing consistent results for our clients.”

Rose Balliro

Rose Balliro was born in Tallahassee, FL., and moved to Jackson Hole, WY., with her family when she was five years old to escape the city life. She attended the University of North Florida in Jacksonville with a major in Business Management. She has been in Dallas since June of 2016. Rose had served tables her whole life and wanted a new challenge so she began her career at a start-up management consulting firm but found Connect DFW in February of this year. She fell in love with the people, the opportunity and the strong core values, and says that it’s been such a great adventure! Rose was promoted to an Account Manager within a week but recently found a new passion in recruiting and Human Resources. She loves the people part of the business!

Sahara Aguirre

Sahara is known for always delivering on her promises which makes the strength of her character unstoppable. She takes pride in her organizational ability and works to hone her training and development skills. Sahara loves that her position allows her to work hand in hand with some of the largest executives in the corporate world. The opportunity to build those relationships not only excites her, but sharpens her communication skills while representing clients. Sahara is making a larger focus on healthy living and enjoys being outside, traveling, and trying new cooking techniques.

Virginia Bates

Virginia has been working as Administrative Assistant in the marketing and advertising world for over ten years! She has had the privilege of watching Connect DFW grow into what it is today and has been blessed with the opportunities to travel to various states to help other admins grow into their new titles. She loves working with such a tight knit group of people, whose goals are to help you reach excellence by motivation and encouragement. Virginia’s goal is to, once again travel and train other admins in other offices that are just getting started.