Another Year Working With the Texas Rangers

We recently renewed our working relationship with the Texas Rangers. It will be Connect’s 16th consecutive season with one of baseball’s best attractions. They play in one of the sport’s most unique stadiums, providing an amazing experience for fans.

Our Director, Rachel O’Hara, has shown remarkable dedication to working with the team over the years. That’s why the relationship has been so fruitful for our firm, both in terms of revenue and recruiting. Working with the Rangers builds Connect’s reputation as a fulfilling workplace for business-minded people.

Rachel consistently upholds high standards for our team. We operate in a goal-oriented atmosphere that rewards hard work. Setting objectives for the near term and the distant future helps us stay motivated no matter what unexpected outcomes may occur. Whatever the timeframe may be, we make sure that the goals we set are inspiring.

We know that the status quo simply isn’t an option if we want to keep Connect at the front of the pack. Setting the bar higher is the ideal strategy for pushing beyond our current skill sets, which leads to even better results for the brands we promote.

Working with a winning organization such as the Texas Rangers helps us stay committed to reaching our aggressive goals. Learn more about our successful team atmosphere by checking out the Connect Newswire.