What We Do

Connect campaigns are scalable and adaptable to fit the needs of any market, any industry, and any business. Get connected to your future customers with a state-of-the-art, custom created, Connect marketing campaign.

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Who we are

Based in Texas and with regional offices throughout the country, including Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, St Louis, & Atlanta. Connect is powered by a collaborative team of marketing managers, event coordinators, and account managers who are passionate about designing high-performance promotional campaigns for the some of the region’s best-loved brands including companies in sports, entertainment, restaurant, spa, hotel, family fun, and telecommunications industries.

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Our Thriving Work Atmosphere

You’ll never be bored at Connect. Rewarding our people is so paramount that we’ve got a committee just for fostering fun! Recharge by taking part in social dinners, sports events, and other entertaining group activities.

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With headquarters in Dallas, TX we are at the center of a thriving metropolitan area.

Spark Your Interest

Be inspired to explore a multitude of opportunities with our hands-on business 101 coaching.

Make a Difference

Support our team as we serve the community through volunteering, fundraising, and more. Your efforts count.

Seize What Connect Offers

There’s no busy work at Connect. We’ve got training and experience you won’t get anywhere else so you stay engaged and excited. Find fulfillment here.

Nonstop Guided Learning

Pair up with one of our seasoned pros as you embark on a journey of continual learning. We tackle your professional growth by filling your mind with business 101 knowledge, giving you skills practice in a classroom setting, and coaching you one-on-one to improve your personal leadership style. Rapid advancement awaits.

Travel Rewards

Connect will help you check those exotic travel destinations off of your bucket list. We believe in playing as hard as we work, which is why we send our team to quarterly and annual functions around the world. Be rewarded like never before.

Conferences and Networking

Hone your leadership skills and expand your professional connections with action-packed events and conferences through Connect. You’ll rub shoulders with national and local business owners in the food and beverage, sports and entertainment, hospitality industries. These exceptional networking opportunities will bolster your confidence and set you up for future advancement.

Unique Sector Benefits

Tap into the rewards of representing sports and entertainment brands. You’ll gain first access to limited release event tickets and other hospitality venues, as well as exclusive offers available to no one else. With these kinds of perks, it’s easy to see why our people love working for Connect.

Great People

Without a doubt, you’ll work with great team members at Connect. Our people make it a pleasure to show up every day. By encouraging a sense of togetherness, supporting each other’s goals, and enhancing two-way communication at all levels, our atmosphere is one in which everyone thrives.

Positions We Offer at Connect

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations manages the entirety of a client base in cities across the country. They are also responsible for the development of new programs, acquiring new clients, and developing a strong sales & marketing staff to support those clients.

Managing Partner

After completing a comprehensive management training program our assistant directors are either provided with expansion opportunities in markets that we have built a client base in, around the country, or the opportunity to oversee new projects and divisions of our company. They are responsible for facilitating the growth and support of the client base, managing and developing strong account managers, and handling all customer relations for specific clients and programs.

Assistant Director

At this level, you will be learning all facets of management within the local office. This includes attending client meetings, planning new markets, and thinking creatively to devise memorable sales & marketing events. Responsibility for the development of other senior managers and the company's long-term growth is a key aspect of this position.

Human Resources

Our human resources department is responsible for managing new and existing personnel, helping us fuel company wide expansions, and staffing new projects. They are masters of workplace morale and strive to make the experience here at Connect DFW one of growth and focus on the development of our team and its people.

Senior Event Coordinator

Encountering new companies that are interested in hosting corporate events is a Senior Event Coordinator’s main responsibility. This involves HR presentations, the development of campaigning material, and organizing a team of fantastic event coordinators.

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinators work with the human resources departments of large companies to utilize our huge portfolio of promotions as an employee discounts program. The goal is to reward employees in our clients most desired target markets. You will also get the knowhow to speak to thousands of people, enjoy conversations with consumers in person, lead events and design promotional literature.

Management Training

This position will continue to work with clients and customers directly as we begin to develop skills that are more managerial in nature. We teach our management trainees how to deliver results for clients and customers by outlining clear goals, planning territories and managing ongoing projects.

Account Manager

Build upon your skills in client representation and begin to learn and develop strategies for clients, speaking in public, encouraging others through coaching and leading new team members, and liaising with clients.

Client Representation

Learn how we endorse clients and acquire customers through the use of studying demographics and territories. Discover the implementation process of sales and marketing campaigns by making presentations to business owners. Also, find out how we brainstorm as a team.

Who ever thought work could be both fun and impactful? That's our reality and we're hiring.

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