How Connect Built an Olympic-Level Team

When you think of the Olympics, you might imagine the highest-caliber athletes who contribute to the greatest teams in the world – and with the very best coaching. In other words, Olympic-level anything represents the cream of the crop. This is the degree of talent our leaders sought when building the Connect team, and here are their strategies:


  • Know What You Want: To put together a top-tier team, our leaders caution that you must know exactly what you want. Be specific in terms of experience and qualifications, and never underestimate the value of soft skills. We at Connect recommend looking for candidates who demonstrate openness to collaboration, empathy, and keen communication skills.

  • Don’t Settle: Once you know what you want in your hires, don’t settle for anything less. Making a poor hiring decision is far costlier in the long run than taking your time to onboard the right people. You shouldn’t expect to find perfection, of course, but you must also avoid rash decisions because you feel rushed.

  • Create the Right Culture: Making your business attractive to Olympic-caliber people will certainly smoothen your team-building process. Offer flexibility, learning and growth options, autonomy, whatever tools are needed to excel, and any other realistic perks.


These tips helped Connect become the successful firm it is today. Put them to good use for your own company.