Connect Highlights Gabe’s Athletic Background

Connect loves to show off our amazing athletes in the office. Meet Gabe and find out why his athletic background has helped him be successful with us.

How does being an athlete help you at Connect?
Being an athlete helps in a few ways.
A. Understanding what it takes to be great. Whether it was in high school or college, the level of preparation before a game was tremendous every week. It was intense. Mornings at Connect DFW feel the same. A lot goes into making sure we crush goals for our clients
B. Best man gets the start. Athletes understand depth charts where they see how they stack up against the rest of the guys on the team at the there position. So do we at Connect DFW, we are super competitive and the results a person has at the end of the week shows them where they are in the program compared to there colleagues.

How important is teamwork to you?
I believe no ones ever accomplished anything by themselves. Any time they were down, lost hope or felt like quitting, there was always someone there to pick them back up or remind them of why they should be hopeful. Teamwork provides that. It also provides new ideas which is essential to growth in both sports and in business. Sports has taught me the importance of communication, and how a team can only win when all its parts move as one, with the same mission and purpose in the same direction.

Favorite motto?
My favorite motto is “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”