How to Create a More Successful Team Culture

The value of a team-centered work atmosphere is difficult to overstate. It’s something we’ve always emphasized in the Connect office, putting our account managers first in all situations. Here are a few key practices that help us maintain the type of people-focused culture that ensures success.

Onboarding new additions to Team Connect is where our focus on our team really takes shape. In their first days of training, every new hire receives hands-on training working with local business partners and our seasoned account managers. In the process, they learn the ropes of our business while also getting comfortable with our work environment.

We’ve also learned that open communication is a vital part of any team-centric workplace. Our leaders are transparent in all their decisions. They’re also clear in setting expectations, long-term goals, and anything else that requires us all to be on the same page.

Encouraging people to challenge themselves is another core aspect of companies that value their people. We feel at ease pushing beyond our current skills and taking calculated risks, because we know our managers will have our backs no matter the outcome. The productive lessons that come with unexpected outcomes ensure that we’ll get positive value whatever happens.

These cultural elements keep us on the right track to achieve Connect goals.