We recognize how much of an advantage it is to have a helpful mentor here at Connect HQ. Through our experiences helping others, we’ve found that acting as a mentor provides remarkable benefits as well. Here are a few ways we advance our own educations as we help others grow:

• Understanding Our Own Goals: The more we assist others in reaching their professional objectives, the more clarity we gain with regard to our own goals. We even gather input from mentees from time to time, using what we learn to understand how our strengths might be better applied.

• Learning About Ourselves: We also become more self-aware in general when we guide others in their careers. By getting a clearer picture of our own talents through sharing them with mentees, we feel more confident about selling ourselves when promotions become available.

• Getting Confidence Boosts: Mentoring others also allows us to revisit the successes we’ve had in our own efforts to rise through the Connect ranks. We feel comfortable aiming even higher when we take time to reflect on our achievements. Sharing our experiences with our mentees provides us with reminders of how far we’ve come and how far we can still go.

Mentoring gives us an extra edge as we continue our professional growth.