Four Qualities That Are Indicative of Resilient People

We are always on the lookout for people with excellent attitudes to join us at Connect. Passion, energy, and ambition are all qualities that tend to make people fit within our culture. Another characteristic that we have recently been thinking about a lot is resilience. This is the ability to keep moving forward even in the face of adversity. Here are a few traits of resilient people:

• Take Responsivity: People who don’t waver when faced with a challenge are quick to take responsibility for their actions. They are very intentional with their choices and will stand behind them.

• Develop Great Habits: When we discuss the path to success in the Connect office, we almost invariably come to the topic of habits. People act every day without conscious thought. Therefore, developing positive habits is essential for success. Resilient people know how to control their thinking and behavior through good routines.

• Focus on Opportunity: Everyone has a choice whether to focus on problems or opportunities. Highly resilient people tend to keep looking forward for how they can grow in the future. This prevents them from dwelling on the past and ensures their future successes.

• Prioritize: One of the most important skills for being productive is prioritizing. If you learn how to choose which tasks are important, you can be very intentional with your work. This helps people keep their eyes on the prize.

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