Preparing to Recharge at Exotic Retreat

Of the travel incentives that can be earned at Connect HQ, retreats to sunny destinations tend to be the most coveted. We’re currently deciding who will attend just such an event in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. There are many personal and professional benefits to be gained from this exciting retreat.

Hand-selected members of Team Connect will enjoy plenty of fun in the sun during the event, but that’s really just the beginning of the positive outcomes. Rachel O’Hara, our company’s CEO, stated, “This event will bring together a wide range of influential leaders and top performers from our industry. Our associates are sure to come back to the office with significant additions to their contact lists.”

Our associates will also build stronger personal bonds by attending the retreat together. “People learn a lot about each other through shared travel events,” our CEO added. “They get a better feel for unique personality traits that might not be fully expressed around the office. This leads to streamlined team interactions when they return to work.”

Motivation also seems to get a lift after every Connect travel event. O’Hara remarked, “Our associates come back to the office freshly inspired to reach their goals after a retreat. Everyone who didn’t qualify is also extra motivated to earn their way onto the next big trip.”

We’re excited to announce who will be attending the Punta Cana getaway.