Press Release: Connect Features Nate, All-Star Player

IRVING, TX – Connect’s CEO, Rachel O’Hara, is focusing on a special, all-star player, Nate. She highlights the importance of having an athlete mindset and how Nate displays the best in the office.

“The Connect culture is focused on providing excellent training, but we also love our sports minded individuals and what they bring to the table,” said O’Hara.

Nate has been with Connect for a few years and his attitude towards teamwork, overcoming challenges, and crushing goals is the perfect role model for others in the office. Nate has also had the opportunity to work with many different sports team, entertainment clients, and work in various markets.

“In many ways working in different markets can be challenging. The two main components that I have noticed that stick out the most are the people and the territory. In New York and Los Angeles for instance, the people are very “get to the point” minded, whereas in Texas and Kansas City, they’re very Midwest, build rapport type of individuals,” said Nate.

He also focuses on how different markets can play on the strategy he provides for his team and clients.

“The territories are vastly different. Some locations are VERY congested, and some are not. Being very aware of your surroundings and the type of people you are talking to is one of the biggest issues individuals run into as well. Everything comes back down to law of averages and overcoming those obstacles. The things that remain the same in each market are being able to control what you can control and not worry too much on what you cannot control. Adapting to your audience is key with both barriers,” said Nate.

Nate Discusses Benefits of Working at Connect

By working with multiple clients in different markets, Nate has been able to grow his skill-sets and overcome obstacles he wouldn’t have otherwise.

“I have developed several skill sets while working with multiple clients throughout my career. One in particular is developing a bullet proof attitude to as many no’s as you receive with one client versus another,” said Nate. “In the end, realizing that it is all just a numbers game and believing in the system is what is going to make someone good at working with multiple clients.”

Nate accredited his success to the hands-on training and mentorship he received at Connect. The training Connect provides is unlike any other in Dallas. During his time at Connect, Nate has learned how to deal with different clients, public speaking skills, and how to overcome obstacles no matter what the situation is. Nate has also had the opportunity to grow his skills in the sales industry.

“Another skill-set that I have learned working with multiple clients is becoming quick on your feet to overturn objections and noticing buying signs versus non-buying signs without hesitation. Hesitation can be taken as a lack of confidence and someone who does not know what they’re talking about, so knowing your rebuttal as soon as you are hearing it flow from the consumer’s mouth is key,” said Nate.

Not only has Nate learned the psychology behind selling, working in different markets, and working with different clients, he has also learned that what motivates someone is key to anyone’s success. Nate focuses on the why; why does someone want to be successful? This helps him drive success for not only himself but the other team members at Connect.

“The number one thing that motivates me is seeing others advance and me knowing that I had a part in their success. I get huge gratification from training someone and then seeing them go out and apply it all and come out with a win,” said Nate. “My why behind the business is to be able to support my mother and father as soon as they retire. I believe that they will be well off, but in all honesty, they had to put up with my crazy self while I was young, so the least I can do is give back in any way I can.”

Nate is focusing on developing himself into an excellent business professional as well as focusing on how to make others just as successful. Nate looks back on his recent successes and sees how each hard time has been the best motivation for his why. Nate reflects on the best lesson he’s learn thus far.

“[The best lesson I’ve learned is] to stay humble and share every bit of knowledge to make the people around you perfect. There have been several scenarios where I could have gawked and said I was the best, but in order to create a following of the right people, I have learned through my career to remain humble to gain the respect from your peers. If I do celebrate, I do it at the same level as when I am in a failing moment,” said Nate.

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