The Professional Value of an Athletic Mind-Set

We continue to surpass our Connect growth goals, which means we’re looking for the right talent to build our team. Of the many traits we look for in an ideal candidate, an athletic mind-set is one of the most important due to the many benefits it offers.

Rachel O’Hara, our CEO, stated, “Persistence is something the greatest athletes share. It’s also an attribute that comes in handy when chasing long-term professional goals. When we evaluate potential additions to Team Connect, we look for individuals who can take unexpected outcomes and turn them into positives. Constant improvement is a big part of our work culture, so persistence becomes vital in order to thrive with our firm.”

In a similar vein, humility also comes with an athletic mind-set. Our CEO explained, “Being humble enough to recognize your weaknesses is essential to achieving constant improvement. Humble people tend to be internally motivated, which gives them the competitive fire to reach their ambitious objectives. They’re also willing to share the credit with teammates when things go well.”

Being calm under pressure is another trait shared by top athletes. It helps professionals harness nervous energy when giving a big speech or meeting with potential customers. Deep breathing and meditation are two techniques our team members use to achieve a calm state of mind in stressful situations.

We emphasize athletic mind-sets for these reasons.