Proven Public Speaking Techniques

We’re committed to delivering memorable speeches when we go onstage to represent Connect in front of an audience. As we improve our presenting prowess, we’re using the following proven strategies to make lasting impressions on our listeners.

Visual aids are helpful in leaving a mark on an audience, but we don’t want to take too much attention away from what we’re saying. We keep it simple when it comes to visuals, preferring to use PowerPoint or even a whiteboard to illustrate our main points. Hand gestures also function as visual aids, so we make liberal use of them as well.

We use humor to our advantage when we’re speaking on behalf of Connect. A quick (and appropriate) joke related to our subject matter is always a good way to spice up an introduction. We also use self-deprecating humor to build rapport with our audience members, knowing that it makes us more relatable.

Above all else, we aim to be concise in our messaging every time we go to the podium. We avoid going off into different directions because we want our listeners to leave with our main points still in their minds. By staying on topic, we also help our audience members stay engaged in our speeches from beginning to end.

These basic strategies help us deliver consistently effective speeches.