Proven Steps That Lead to Promotions

We know what it takes to earn regular advancement here at Connect HQ. Getting promoted is about more than just performing well in our current roles, for example. We recognize that the following strategies are also vital in achieving our advancement goals:

• Getting the Timing Right: We know asking for a promotion isn’t something that can be done simply when it’s convenient for us. The period of time right after a good performance review is one good time to inquire about advancement opportunities. Even if nothing is available, we know we’ll gain some insight into how we can improve our skills until the next promotion comes around.

• Having Plenty of Support: With encouraging people in our corners, we’re better equipped to do what it takes to get promoted. The more we surround ourselves with positive individuals, the more confidence we have to make strong cases for elevated roles within Connect.

• Giving a Strong Elevator Pitch: Whatever achievements we have in our back pockets, we know a strong pitch is also an essential part of being selected for advancement. We include plenty of facts and figures to flesh out our major contributions to the firm’s success.

Keeping these key points in mind helps us position ourselves for regular promotions.