Putting the Event Coordinators in the Spotlight

We host events for a broad range of companies, giving them the chance to build stronger teams and show appreciation for their people. That means our Connect event coordinators must be able to connect with others and make their experiences as rewarding as possible. This is an area in which Emily, Jess and Sahara, our standout coordinators, really shine.

Asked about her favorite part of corporate events, Emily explained, “For me, it’s the relationships we have been able to build over the years. We boost company morale and help leaders recognize their people for their hard work. It’s also great to be able to give hard workers discounted rates for things they have always wanted to do with friends and family. Watching people walk away happy is a pretty fulfilling thing.”

The Event Coordinators believe it’s important for corporations to have appreciation events simply to make team members feel valued. “We make it possible for companies to give their people memorable experiences,” Emily added. “Even if they have very limited budgets to make things happen, Connect can turn their plans into successful realities. We take the worry out of bringing people together for unique occasions.”

Soon, the team expects Connect to add to its portfolio of companies and bring in new event coordinators to accelerate growth. For more on our events and growth goals, check out our Newswire.