Recent Expansion to St. Louis Led by Drew

Connect recently expanded its operations to St. Louis. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities and this territory adds a lot of potential. This is certainly going to be an exciting adventure for us, and we are looking forward to seeing what the St. Louis team will accomplish.

Drew, one of our top associates, will be heading up the new office. His team will be focused on developing the best sports campaign managers. They will undoubtedly establish a foothold in the market quickly and expand their portfolio of represented companies as the premier outreach firm in the area.

These market expansions have always been a priority for us in growing Connect. We already have 26 markets in California alone. Whenever we find a new market that seems like a good fit for our customer acquisition services, we will be pushing to expand our reach.

The business world is a competitive place. The companies that keep reaching for more stay in the lead and those that don’t fall behind. Therefore, we endeavor to set new and grander aspirations on a regular basis so our team always has an achievement towards which to work.

Our culture is built around this idea of ambition and drive. Our recruitment efforts are focused on finding candidates who exhibit a strong desire to achieve serious career growth. This approach has filled our team with people like Drew who are ready to take on the responsibility of managing a new territory.

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