Secrets of Top-Flight Internship Programs

When we bring college students and new graduates into our Connect internship program, we have a formula that helps them get on the path to fulfilling their potential. Here are a few of the strategies we use to give our interns the best and most valuable experience we can.

After an immersive first few days of training, we do our best to treat our interns like full-time members of Team Connect. That’s what they are, after all, even if they stay with us just for the duration of the program. By letting them work alongside our seasoned account managers on key projects, we give them a sense of confidence to go along with the valuable skills they’re learning.

We also pair our interns with our experienced team members, because having mentors is the ideal way for students and graduates to quickly find their ways in our organization. After they’ve completed the program, the mentors our interns gain can provide them with valuable advice for years to come.

Beyond getting our interns involved in daily work, we also bring them into our many team-building events. This is an effective way to show appreciation for the young professionals who are learning the ropes in our office. It also helps them get a better feel for being members of a high-performing professional unit.

These strategies have aided our internship program tremendously.