Steps to Career Success for Recent Graduates

When recruiting new members of the Connect team, we often focus on young professionals. We have found that recent graduates tend to have the energy, passion, and creativity that define our brand. We have learned a great deal about the post-college experience due to working with young people. Here are a few suggestions we have picked up that may help recent graduates achieve their goals:

• This Is the Start: Remember that you have many years ahead to achieve all your aspirations. This is just the start, and doesn’t necessarily have to be a defining moment. Take some risks and try things you’ve always been interested in. Now is the time to find the path that’s right for you.

• Learn About Team Experience: When you are considering joining a team, make sure to learn about the cultural experience. We are very proud that the Connect office is a happy, energetic place. This was no accident; we know how important culture is to our associates’ experiences here.

• Network: The relationships you make now can accelerate your career into the future. Networking is so valuable because it multiplies the impact of every other aspect of your career. Invest some serious time and energy into establishing great relationships with your colleagues.

• Focus on Foundation: Since you are starting your career, focus your effort on learning and taking advantage of new opportunities. This is the perfect time to develop your skills and experience.

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